options for email hosting

Email is the technology that we just can't live without. It integrates into every aspect of our business and Blue Sea Online offers the options for email hosting that you need. From Microsoft 365 products that provide email along with the entire Microsoft Office suite of software, to simple POP3 and IMAP email accounts that provide you with the basics. All of our email accounts come with the support and hands on setup that you'd expect from a managed hosting provider, helping you walk through all of the setup for any type of email that you require.

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Email Price List

Features POP3/IMAP
Per Account, Per Month
Hosted Exchange
Per Account, Per Month
Microsoft 365
Business Basic
Per Account, Per Month
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
Per Account, Per Month
Disk Space 25GB 100GB 50GB 50GB
24/7/365 Support
Free Setup
Spam Filtering
Web Access
Email Administration Tools
Hybrid with POP3/IMAP
Shared Calendar/Contacts
Sync Across Devices
Online Cloud Storage 1TB OneDrive 1TB OneDrive
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Office Suite
(Desktop and Mobile)